Rhino import - actor hierarchy

When importing my Rhino files using datasmith I end up with my Rhino layers coming in as Actors in the World Outliner. Within those actors are stored all the Brep surfaces for that layer.

My next task is to apply materials to all the Breps. I think this task would be made much faster if we could have one of the two following options -

  1. Have the ability to ‘Select all’ for all Breps gathered under an Actor. Sometimes there are quite a few and scrolling through them feels like a massive waste of time.
  2. Import all Breps which are on the same Rhino layer as a single mesh object, similar to when importing fbx files.

This would be a massive productivity booster!



HI RobMc ,

Your feedback is important to us .

Thank you

I’ve had the exact same problem. As a workaround, there are a class of blueprints called ‘blutility’ that let you write scripts for working within the editor. A blutility function that selects attached actors is pretty simple. I haven’t found great documentation, but these links might help you get started

Thanks cwm83, will have a read through those.