Rhino hangs while loading Datasmith plugin

My Rhino often hangs while loading Datasmith Plugin - you can see what is being loaded at the bottom of the splash screen. I never had such an issue with any Rhino plugin so you might be interested in checking that.

Rhino 2022?
Datasmith exporter 5.0.2?

Did it start doing so just after you change the exporter version?

Latest Rhino 7, yes Datasmith exporter 5.0.2.
I’m not sure when exactly when the problem started.
This Datasmith plugin build or the previous one. Earlier builds were fine.

It seems the team is aware of similar issues.
A fix is schedule for 5.0.3.
If it happens to you again could you share the crash log you will find in a similar folder to “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\UnrealDatasmithExporter\Saved\Crashes_0000\UnrealDatasmithExpoter.log”

Great. Please release soon. Now I have to uninstall and reinstall when I need to use Datasmith.