Rhino file Datasmith import sets all actor location and rotations to 0,0,0

Hi, when importing a .3dm file using datasmith, all of the actors have a location and rotation of (0,0,0). I thought there was something wrong with my Rhino file but I have tried with many other files from other people and the same thing is happening.

How can I import a Rhino file using Datasmith and maintain the world location relative to the origin of each generated actor? Thanks,

Hi MindBuffer,

We are looking at this problem and noticed that the gumball allows for customization of the pivot. So far, it seems that Rhino default to the bounding box of the object, unless its customized with the gumball placement.

Would it be an acceptable solution to translate this data in Unreal (bounding box center by default, unless customized with gumball)

@MindBuffer As far as I know, the only way you can get away from 0,0,0 location is blocking objects in the rhino so it gets the new location on the block base point. For now. Which is not a bad solution for repeating features like doors! UE4 even translate the scale of the block correctly.

Hi @donglnapkrsskrss thanks heaps, your suggestion for making unique block bases for all the objects seems to be a useable workaround for now until this gets fixed in UE. I appreciate the tip!