Rhino 7 Datasmith Re-import Bug


[date=2022-06-14 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]I’ve been Importing to UE5 using the latest Datasmith plugin for Rhino7. There is a problem when trying to re-import the model after some changes made inside Rhino7.

  1. When Re-importing the position of objects differ from the original Datasmith file. (This doesn’t happen all the time but frequently- I can’t figure out why)

  2. Some objects that are added later in Rhino7 do not show up when re-importing the Datasmith file.

Not sure if anyone has experienced the same issue. I appreciate any feedback.


Which pipeline are you using:
a) Export udatasmith from rhino and reimport in UE?
b) Direct Link?

  1. The object for which the position differ: where they moved by you in UE? UE should move object to the new position when reimporting IF you did not move the object in UE.
  2. I am thinking something wrong with the file / stream you are reimporting from => cf question at top of message.

Thanks for getting back to me. I am using option a.

I don’t do anything in UE other than changing or modifying materials. I don’t delete or move any objects within UE,

Furthermore, if I delete an object inside Rhino and Re-import into UE. I still see the same object no matter what I do in the Datasmith Import Option dialogue box.

Thanks again,