Rhino 6/7 to Unreal via Datasmith Procedure

Good day to everyone,

I am an advanced Rhino user and have spent about the last 3 weeks getting the basics of Unreal, and Twinmotion. I’d like to use UE as my goto for archviz projects (my background) for its robustness and potential for interaction, VR etc… I have tried several combinations and workarounds/steps to try and streamline a solid process from Rhino to Datasmith to UE.

Geometry seems OK coming over, but all textures & any UV mapping etc. is completely screwy. Haven’t tried lights yet.
I’d like to stick to UE over Twinmotion for its unlimited potential.

My question is, when beginning a project in Rhino and assigning materials and then mapping those materials, is there a standard operating procedure or workflow that I should adapt to?
I am willing to try *anything *at this point. What does DATASMITH like to EAT?? :slight_smile:

Is it in the layer naming/structure, material naming, mapping, blocks, mesh/fbx export or??

It would be painstaking to design a project “blank” and then try to envision or then have to re-map those materials in UE.
I’m OK with significant “fixing’” but would like to find a solution that is more streamlined than clunky and repetitive… so I can trust the Rhino side of things and focus on the UE creativity.

Anyways, thanks for any input!


Here you can get rid of many problems:


With Unreal 4.25 the Rhino importer now have the option to use the meshes and uvs generated by Rhino:


That should solve the UVs problem.

This is AWESOME!!! I have been bothered by this UV question for a week. Right now I have to import everything into 3D-Max to adjust the UV mapping stuff and then import to UE via datasmith. The working flow is broken by doing in this way.

Thank you and your team so much!!

I know they are working on a new plugin for Rhino 7, so would the workaround be to download a version of Rhino 6, open up the 7 file and then export using the plugin? Thanks

works ok for me
open in rhino 6 and export for now