RFC - ArchViz HTML5 output

Dear All,

I have packaged an ArchViz project for HTML5. Originally it was developed for only Windows packaging but had to modify it for HTML5.

Total Size of HTML5 output: ~ 180MB
Total loading Time: 5.5 Minutes (host is relatively slow)

Please provide your comments or any problems that you notice. If you have any idea on resolving certain issues(like Anti-aliasing) it will help me a lot to fine tune this. I am also thinking of stripping out unused plugin’s from source and recompiling the engine.

I know only very little information is available about HTML5, but if you can share your valuable knowledge regarding mesh size reduction, proxies and other techniques which can reduce the size and at the same time increase the quality it will be helpful to lot of people.

Is your link still working? Tried to launch it with Firefox, Chromium and Chrome - none of them worked.
Definitely would love to check it out. We’re working on a HTML-5 project as well and been somewhat frustrated with the lack of information available.

You have to cut so much on visual quality to make it run in html that it would be better/simpler to just show a high quality 360 pano tour. Imo.

I agree with you. Anyways, will try to use few tricks from Epic Zen Garden project. It looks very promising.
@chalde It was down for sometime. Now, it’s up and running. If you get any error message, do let me know so that I can look into it.