Rework a rigged animation

As seen here

I have a mesh I retargeted with humanoid and implemented the mannequin 's animation and blueprint for my custom mesh with rig. Everything went without much of a hitch, the bones could be mapped automatically (everything came from makehuman) and all I had to do was retarget recursively for skeleton to get the animations to look proper. Now I want to edit the animation for say Running, because the leaning is too much. I’m not sure how to do this without either affecting all other animations (since I’m manipulating the base skeleton) or nothing seems to happen once I hit save (not sure why, I see no asterisk so it’s like I’m not making a change). This happens on say Pevlis (which is specified for Animation in Translation Retargeting seen in the image)

So my question is what are the proper steps to change my running animations bone angles?


Take a look at the animation layer editing inside of Persona. You can basically change the current animation with an additive layer within the animation asset itself.

Outside of that, I’d recommend editing animations in a dedicated program, like Blender, Maya or 3DS Max.

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Ok great, makes sense. If I export the animations and work in blender, does the retargeting I did stick or do I redo this? Thanks again