Rewired 2 VR gameplay

Im not really sure why im posting here my game is no where near done and i know a lot of you are really on top of your unreal stuff. Ive only been on unreal for a few months but i have decades everywhere else such as Maya, after effects, etc etc,. I would like to stress that because ive only been working on this in unreal for a few months that i am no where near done, and a lot of what you see in effects or sound are their for placeholders. Im doing everything on my own and still learning unreal so nothing crazy yet. With that being said, I would still like feed back specially if you have any ideas for animation based on the style of the characters that you see. Also, I know everything im doing is pretty basic but if anyone has any questions. I would also have questions if theres anyone whos making or has made a third person combat/shooter style game as I run into problems that im sure a lot of you can help with one line of code. Well if anyone watches, thanks.