Rewind doesn't update media texture

Hi, I’m trying to set up a TV in my project. At the moment I set it up so when you press “E” it plays or stops a media player video with sound. I also included a collision box when you get out of the room so the video pauses and the sound doesn’t unsync if you get out of its attenuation radius (so the video doesn’t keep playing while the sound is off). My question/issue is that I tried as well to add to this collision box a rewind node when the player overlaps so the movie goes back to the start if you get out of the room. What happens is that if I go out and inside to “turn on” the TV the media player texture is stuck on the last frame it paused BUT when I click on it to play again it actually rewinds and the movie starts from the beginning after that.

I wanted to see if there is a way to update the media texture so it actually goes to the first frame of the movie and the TV appears to be turned off. Or is there a way to keep the movie in the frame it paused but swap the material of the screen so it appears turned off?

Dunno if it helps but i’m including screenshot of my blueprint setup.

As a side note: If I swap in the “Failsafe for sound” script Pause and Rewind my movie rewinds but doesn’t pause and I cannot pause it again my input stops working.

Thanks in advance,

Okay so I figured it out and I needed to add a couple of “Set Material” nodes to my blueprint to solve this (still learning how to use ue4 ^^;;). Thanks anyway,


without Set Material node, there is no exceptional .

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Gabo could you share what you did there? I tried adding a set material node after rewind to “refresh” my media player material back to frame zero but it’s not updating on my mesh.I even set it to another still image material then back to the media player material and it maintains the frame it was paused on. Then I tried adding as “reopen” node and that helped but still getting a single frame of the paused position before playback begins from beginning.