Revulsion is a classic first person shooter rogue-lite available on steam early access.

Hello everyone! I have not been posting here very often! I just want to let you all know about a game I have been working on that is now available on steam early access!

Here is a link to the steam store page.

Here is a link to my steemit blog page where I talk about my thoughts on the game, future plans and even patch notes.

I included a link showing the most recent video footage of the game. I plan to try and do more promotional stuff in the coming days as well. The game is fully playable as of right now, its still technically a work in progress as I am ramping up to work on a new episode very soon. I plan to blog about this a lot because I have a lot of cool ideas on how things will move forward.

If you are into classic first person shooters then I highly recommend you check this game out.

Revulsion - May 5th Patch notes overview

Revulsion - Ogrimgore boss fight is back!