[REVSHARE] Looking for Programmer

Hello! 3D Artist here looking for a Programmer partner to start a video game project, the goal is to release it in early access and build it up from there.

I have the entire concept figured out but can be modified between us, it’s just good to have a strong vision before starting.

The project itself is almost like a 3D Scribblenauts game. Now before your eyes pop out of your skull, no we are not modelling and programming every object in the known universe. We’re severely limiting it, but this allows us to focus on what we have in ways never explored in other games.

The laconic version is we’re going to provide the tools for players to create their own sandbox experiences, whether that’s just if people want to build creatively, or stage combat in action sequences (this will be a single-player game.) I can explain more in person.

As for what I am looking for in a person:

  • Someone whose interested in becoming friends, and wants to put time into this project.
  • Any experience welcome.
  • I think most importantly someone friendly! We’re going to be partners on a project for a while, and hopefully beyond! :smiley:
  • Fluent English speaker preferred, and maybe in a US timezone. Just so our schedules line up better.

As for me (if you’re interested):

I am a novice self taught 3D Artist -

I’ve worked on a few games that’ve been published on, and the style of our game will very much resemble the first image of the cartoon character on my Artstation.

I believe I have received enough experience to begin work on a new project, all it’s missing is YOU! :slight_smile:

If you’d like to contact me I can be reached on Discord - Tin Can Hitman#2821