[RevShare] Game Designer Wanted to Help Craft High-Quality UE4 Horror Game

Yes, I am quite literally looking for an idea guy/gal. I need a partner in crime to help craft a small, high-quality, scary horror experience hosted on Steam!

#MyStory: I’ve been working with UE4 for years. Any feature you can think up, I can implement… inventories, ability systems, walking on walls, flying, card games, skill trees, cover-based shooters, FPS… not cookie-cutter YouTube tutorial implementations; well-thought-out, custom implementations. I’ve set up fully replicated multiplayer prototypes and integrated common network APIs like Steam and EOS many times. I can work in UMG, set up complex animation BPs, optimize “all the threads”, and I write safe, commented, and efficient code.

All that said… what I really do NOT enjoy doing is designing games. Coming up with cool features, designing front-ends, crafting narrative ideas… anything outside of the implementation or deployment phase doesn’t motivate me at all. That’s where you come in!

I’d love to work together as a duo with a sharp Game Designer who is:

  • Familiar with UE4 (i.e. speaks the vernacular and understands how to communicate ideas in Unreal terms)
  • Good at clearly and thoroughly communicating ideas and game features (e.g. not just “Uhh, there should be a lobby system. And a shooting system. And the player has night vision. Yup!”)
  • Understands how to write technical documents like a GDD (we probably won’t need a GDD, just know how and why they are written)
  • Can come up with compelling settings and characters (short experience, keep in mind)
  • Willing to work on a game together for anywhere between 6 months and a year
  • Bonus Points: Handling community management and crowdfunding campaigns

This is your chance to turn your amazing game idea a reality with an experienced developer (who’s not a flake)! I’m open to all sub-genres and gameplay types, as long as it’s horror-themed. PvE/PvP multiplayer, Action RPG, a First-person “Amnesia-like” experience… we can discuss, and ultimately you’re the boss.

50/50 rev-share for all funds that come in (outside of funds obtained for art assets, if necessary). I’d expect to be working on the project between 6 months - 1 year, depending on the scope.

CONTACT: DM on here or Discord (FlashTrance#4987)