[REVSHARE] Bots, Booze & Brawls - Local Multiplayer UE4 Game looking for Blueprint programmer

Hi there! Our team (Space Gurus) is currently developing Bots, Booze & Brawls - a 4-player local multiplayer game where players take orders, make drinks, and deliver them to customers while micromanaging the bar, including the inevitable drunken brawls.

You can see some screenshots of the game here, this is from our current multiplayer build:

Due to a change in job circumstances, our gameplay programmer will be unable to work on the project after May. As a result we have decided to rework the mostly C++ project into blueprints, and are focussing on local multiplayer. A good amount of work has already been done on this (core gameplay, menu, etc) but it’s clear we need an extra pair of hands.

The first of 3 planned worlds (level styles) is nearly complete, and so far we have had builds running on Steam, though this was with the old networked multiplayer codebase. Despite the setback of the rework we hope to release a moderately-sized game in 3-5 months, with most of the content being simple level layouts and variations.

The Team

  • Programmer (C++)
  • Environment Artist
  • Character Artist
  • Sound Design & Music
  • UI/UX Designer

The Role

We are looking for a blueprints programmer with some experience in UE4 - ideally in the form of completed games or prototypes. There is an existing codebase in C++, but this does not need to be replicated 1:1, and so understanding C++ is a bonus but not required.

We are looking for someone who can dedicate a good number of hours (8+) per week, and who can remain active on our Discord server and attend weekly meetings. We’re committed to getting this project finished and on Steam mid-year, and so need someone with a similar ambition.

If this sounds interesting - send me a message on Discord: DaveFace#1337

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