Revit to Unreal engine (enscape benefits that good be good in Unreal engine 4)


The compane i am working for make presentations for customers in unreal and enscape out of AutoCAD and Revit files.
I like unreal much more than enscape, but enscape make some stuff much better and I think UE need some update to overtake enscape.
My question is: Will the Unreal engine get this features in the future too? What do you think about it? Do you have ideas how I can get the benefits from enscape in unreal?

First for all who don´t know enscape:Enscape 2.6 – A new Dimension of Realism - YouTube
The video looks good, but for me unreal is better! If you can use unreal you are free in interactions. Enscape is not so free and not good in animations
But enscape:
-Is direct linked to the Revitproject! If I change something in Revit it´s direct changed in enscape. You don´t need any new Datasmith synchronisation or something like that.
I think this is impossible to change for epic in the future. Enscape is young and the target was directly revit. UE4 had the target in making games first.
-The important point for me is the speed! Enscape didn´t need any optimization and you can see after a few minutes your project in high quality. In unreal I get problems with bigger projects.
Will there be an update in the future? So I can work fast with a big Building project from Revit with much furniture and other stuff?
-I think enscape looks better. But I understand if its impossible for unreal to overtake this. This would be a very big update.

Sorry for my englisch. I hope you understand my point. I am interesting in working more with unreal, but enscape make his job in a different way very well too!
I am interested which program will make the race in the visualisation of revit projects.

best regards