Revit to UE4 vs Revit to 3DS to UE4 (via FBX then Datasmith)

Hi all,

Firstly, please move / link me to the correct thread if there is one.
I’m on 4.22.1 working in architecture, so everything comes through Revit.

My problem is direct export of Revit via Datasmith to UE4 ‘works’
Exporting the exact same Revit view (as FBX) into 3DS Max, then exporting that 3DS model as a Datasmith into UE4 results in the model appearing in a totally different spot.
I understand that (Revit materials in 3DS) won’t come across into UE4 (even though they work directly from Revit to UE4 via Datasmith).

Is there a fix to ensure the Datasmith export from 3DS max comes into the same spot? You all know by now that clients of architects can’t make up their minds and we have to iterate iterate iterate.
And to be clear, any edits to geometry WILL be done in 3DS not Revit.

My current workflow:

  1. Currently I’m just exporting the whole scene from Revit to UE4 via Datasmith, then any assets than need editing / re-modelling are located in the Content Brower, exported (painfully as individual FBX) into a folder destination of my choice.

  2. In 3DS Max, import / merge all the FBX files into the file, make the edits / changes / add materials if I need

  3. Export them (individually again) into another folder / destination

  4. Back in UE4, locate those assets in the Content Browser and ‘Reimport with new file’
    4a. I noticed UE4 did duplicate some of the assets when I reimported with new file

  5. The asset now is ‘editable’ what originally came in as a Datasmith directly from Revit is now an edited FBX from 3DS which does come into the exact correct location.

Please ask any questions regarding my workflow. If the FBX importer / Datasmith exporter in 3DS worked correctly then there wouldn’t be such a convoluted process.


there is a 90 degree offset between the two ways. all you need to do is to select the root node of your datasmith file and rotate it by 90 degree and things should align properly!

Thanks so much! Worked a treat; such a simple solution facepalm on my behalf.