Revit to UE exporting - Cannot find static mesh ... for static mesh actor

Hello Everyone!
I’m trying to import the model from Revit to UE (4.26.2). I exported the model from Revit to “.udatasmith” format and when I tried to import - I’ve got almost nothing (except cameras and same stuff), but I can’t see any real elements exported from Revit.

My message Log shows the following with each 3D element:
Cannot find static mesh [element’s ID] for static mesh actor [element’s name]

Could anybody help with how to resolve this and get all 3D elements in UE properly?

Hi nezbagnenno !

It looks like you moved the .udatasmith file… and forgot to move the folder with the same name our plugin creates when you export the scene from Revit !

This folder is important because it contains all the meshes, textures, IES profiles, etc… in your scene.

Cheers !