Revit models and 3ds Max models of the same building aren't in the same location


I recall experiencing this issue with the very first Revit DS release, and I’m still seeing it here. Workflow is below:

  1. Open a Revit model and export the building as FBX, then also export it as a Datasmith file.
  2. Load the Revit Datasmith file into UE4.
  3. Import the FBX exported into step1 into 3ds Max, then export a Datasmith file from Max.
  4. Import the 3ds Max Datasmith file and the position and orientation doesn’t match what came from Revit. The building is always flipped 180 degrees on the Z axis.

Any thoughts on this? Don’t know which one I should trust, Max or Revit.

is it flipped or rotated?

Hi PF,

See the attached image. This happens for all of our Revit content we’ve tested to date in 4.22 using the Revit exporter. We aren’t really sure which of these is “right”, but we do care if they are consistent.

Yes, the Revit and Sketchup exporters are using a slightly different axis conversion system than the 3ds max exporter. Until this is resolved, you can always rotate the Datasmith parent actor to align both models.

Sounds good, this is a great workaround until these are matched.