Revit import wrong player start

Hi. I imported something fromt revit and put player start inside. It says there is an error with that. I thought it could be something with colluding boxes or something but even if I move the player start far from the model it still says the same thing. Help?

Another thing, how can I increase the quality of light etc? It looks quite dreadful low quality.

I think you mean you imported a Revit file into 3ds Max and then brought it into Unreal Studio/Datasmith? You need to share a lot more information before anyone can help you.

No. I am importing a revit/file directly into UE4. I do not use 3dsmax as it is a huge software that I cannot fit into my 128gb laptop on top of rhino + revit + ue4. So again, I am having an issue with wrong player start-location and moving inside the 3d model that otherwise looks okay (well except from the lack of materials).

Except… You cant do that (yet) ? You are probably exporting an FBX file from Revit then importing it in UE4, which isn’t a good way of doing it since Revit doesn’t export FBXs for realtime use anyways.

Right now the only solution for revit users is to go through Max with Revit linking, then export a datasmith file from Max to Unreal.

Yeah maybe that is what I did. Okay, again I do not have 3dmax installed, nor can I fit it into a 128 gb ssd drive that is my main laptop. Got a new laptop but that one has even less space… One shouldnt have to install a 9 gb software as just an importation tool.

In a couple months, you will be able to install into Revit a Datasmith plug-in which will export directly to Unreal Studio. Until then, it is either 3ds Max to Datasmith or FBX to UE4. In the later case, you will wind up with issues because the FBX workflow is designed to work well with Game pipelines. That’s why we created Datasmith.