Revit Export Construction Sequence Animation

Hello. I have a Revit file I want to export to UE5.1 so that I can create an animation of the real world construction process showing step by step how building elements created in Revit will be sequenced during the physical construction process. Example: the foundation is poured first, next columns are erected, then walls are attached, and finally windows are inserted. Can this animation be done exclusively using a Revit Datasmith export and animating in UE5.1 or should the Revit file be exported to 3dsMax or similar animator to create the sequence described above before it is brought into UE5.1 for rendering? Any direction is appreciated!

With the level sequence in UE you can make some simple animations in a straightforward way.
I would go this path myself.

Now if you want complex animation and you are proficient in another DCC you can also try to make animation there and export those to UE directly.

I’ll start my research there. Thank you!