Revit Curtainwall - Change Materials

When importing a model containing curtain wall families from Revit 2020 into UE 4.25.3 the curtain wall comes in as a single actor, providing no obvious way to change the applied materials. If the curtain wall has a door inserted, it comes through as nested static mesh in the world outliner and can then be modified. Aside from the drag and drop method of assigning materials, how does one go about editing the materials on mullions and glazing panels?

This has been asked about in other posts without a response. Certainly someone knows how?

Thanks in advance!

Anyone know the answer to this?

Hey mledmonds !

I would suggest having a look at Visual Dataprep, and in particular the “Substitute Material” and “Substitute Material By Table” operations.

These will allow you to replace materials on nested meshes like curtain walls.


Sounds VERY promising. Starting to look at this now!