Revit Current Wall Coming in as One Actor

All of my current walls are currently being brought into Unreal 4.23 as one actor. I am seeing no way of being able to edit the glass or mullion materials. If I convert to static mesh, then I need to deal with each individual item and the material of that item. On a curtain wall that has a lot of divisions, this can be way too time consuming. Any suggestions of what I may be missing would be appreciated.

So apparently somewhere in the Datasmith documentation, it mentions about family hierarchy and specifically references curtain walls and the fact they come in as one actor. However, I can’t find any actual reference in that material explaining this or how I could address. I was hoping there was a way that there was one main actor and then sub-actors for the glass and mullions. There must be a way to address this. When I select on the actual object, it does not even give me the option to reimport or do anything with it at all. Really need some help on this.

Any help here? Not finding any solutions while searching online.

I’m also having this problem. Did you figure it out at the end?

Seriously, no replies to this question??? I have the same problem.

Sorry, I never did find a solution and ran out of time so I switch over to using Enscape for that particular project. Another way to possibly deal with this is to maybe open the revit file in 3dsmax and then export it that way. However, I cringe when I write this since the end result just seems like it has the potential for a hot mess. From what I have gathered, getting a Revit project of any decent complexity into Unreal and then actually getting it to a fully functional VR project or something similar is pretty time consuming and difficult. Interesting article here:

Another good discussion on Revit to Unreal

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. Its completely unbelievable that this hasn’t been addressed in the past.
I have a similar issue with some other imported families in which I have a face-based electrical outlet hosted on the face of another family. In Unreal, the main family (a laboratory bench) comes in as an actor, and only the hosted electrical outlet is listed as a mesh in the world outliner. In that case at least I can go to my content folder and search for the family name and then find the mesh that way. For curtainwall however it’s not uniquely named so very difficult to locate.
I already have an extremely well developed Enscape model of my project… the main reason I wanted to move it over to Unreal was to get baked-lighting, VRAY quality, and high frame rates for VR. Presently, my Enscape looks far better thanks to the roadblocks i keep encountering with Unreal. Not giving up though! Here’s my Enscape view…

I posted this question separately and just received a helpful reply here: Revit Curtainwall - Change Materials - Datasmith - Unreal Engine Forums

…“look at Visual Dataprep, and in particular the “Substitute Material” and “Substitute Material By Table” operations.”