REVIT 2020 to Twinmotion

I have just downloaded the new twinmotion from epic
also instaled a dynamic link … but I can not find it in REVIT

… isn’t 2020 compatible ??

… d

Actually no - till now there is no Revit 2020 Plug-In … :frowning: i hope there will be some in the near future… we asked twinmotion about that… but no answer till now.

The free TM does not support Revit 2020 at this time. We are working on support for Revit 2020, Archicad 23 and Sketchup 2019, but that is months away, probably November timeframe.

I did the same to im scoring a ave fps of over 200 fps highest 235 fps lowest 35 fps, its not a bad software. next software on my list Blender 2.80 released in July this year.