RevertMe - Revert Asset to Saved Version


RevertMe is an editor plugin for Unreal Engine 4, it serves only one purpose: reverting asset to saved version without restarting the editor.

It’s most useful when you’re studying tutorial projects or experimenting with asset settings, and want to revert assets status back to disk saved version right away.



[HR][/HR]RevertMe in action





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good idea as I read a lot of tuts atm and before I know it the auto save have kicked in,

Since the sole feature of RevertMe (reverting asset to saved version without restarting the editor) will be officially available in 4.15+ version, I decide to make RevertMe free download from today, hope it’s still useful for all 4.11-4.14 users.

And thanks all who purchased RevertMe in past 3 months, your support means a lot to me!