RevertMe - Revert Asset to Saved Version is free now


RevertMe is an editor plugin for Unreal Engine 4, it serves only one purpose: reverting asset to saved version without restarting the editor.

It’s most useful when you’re studying tutorial projects or experimenting with asset settings, and want to revert assets status back to disk saved version without restarting unreal engine editor.

Full c++ source code included in download.






You can download it now from RevetMe page.

looks amazing , i hope unreal have 2 save slot so you save first time on slot one and then you save it on slot 2 so you don’t get corrupt data if you fail on saving on slot 1 , and you can easily back from slot 2 if you like to make change on slot 1 , this method will save you the headache on copying your project to another place every time you make major change and you afraid you lose your data in case any disaster from sudden crash during save or any other way that will corrpot your project . in my opinion auto save is useless now as i never able to recover any lost data from crash from autosave .