Reverting Map Version

Hi, I am having a lot of trouble with my map version. I accidentally updated my map to version 4.8.2 while at work the UE4 version is 4.8.1. They wont update the Unreal Engine version at work because if they update on one they have to update on all of them and it’s too big of a job for them. Is there ANY way to roll back my project to 4.8.1? It’s okay if it has lots of errors just as long as the bulk of the project is fine. If there is absolutely no way please tell me as I’d like to work on remaking my level.

You could try that:

-move all your content from the new version into your old one
-create a new blank map
-in the 4.8.2 version you have to select everything in your map
-in 4.8.1 you have to paste everything

Now you have everything in 4.8.1, because it should be possible to use assets saved with a newer version of the engine in an older one :slight_smile:
But I think you should be abel to open your 4.8.2 project with 4.8.1 (havent tested it)