Reverting ALL Changes To Later Save? PLEASE HELP!

I’ve been working on my game and recently got Void Labs AI Constructer. So I added it to my game and now everything has no texture and I can’t revert the changes! I’ve looked and looked but I’ve never found this as a feature!
This would save my game and my dreams of being a game developer since I’ve been working on this game for a while! If this is not a feature… well then just shoot, ill have to start all over again. Please help! D:

I donno what that asset does when you add it or how you add it so no idea what it did to your project. You should always backup your project daily or weekly or somewhere between depending on how often you work on it, but especially before adding foreign content that isn’t strictly graphical. Lesson learned eh.

Best bet if you have no backup is you can create a new project in the SAME engine version, don’t add that asset and then open the original and start right clicking your classes/folders and migrate to the new project and see if you can get the new project to work like before. You’ll want to export any custom inputs and collisions and import those before migrating in the new project. Also set your maps and modes etc…

good luck.