"Revert Video Mode" Doesn't Actually Revert Resolution in Standalone/Packaged Mode

Hi. I’m currently struggling to implement a “Keep Resolution” prompt, which presents players with a “Yes” or “No” choice whenever the player applies a new resolution. The issue is that when the player presses “No” at this prompt, the game executes the “Revert Video Mode”, which is supposed to set the resolution back to the last user confirmed value, and then it executes “Apply Resolution Settings”, which is supposed to retrieve that last user confirmed resolution to the running program. FYI, earlier in the execution line, I also run “Apply Resolution Settings” when the player presses “Apply” to preview what the resolution looks like before it is reverted or accepted. At the moment, only PIE mode correctly sets the resolution back when I select no at the prompt.

I setup a print statement below that prints out the result of “Get Last Confirmed Screen Resolution”. Starting from a resolution of 1280x720, if I apply a new resolution of 1920x1080 and press "No’, the last confirmed resolution is 1280x720 (correct) in PIE mode and 1920x1080 (incorrect) in standalone/packaged mode. I’m unsure where standalone mode is getting that 1920x1080 value from, as looking in the GameUserSettings.ini (in Saved/Config/Windows) reveals that LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX is still 1280. Also, I know that my code can read/write from GameUserSettings.ini, as selecting "Yes’ during the prompt accurately sets the numbers in the file.

The strange thing is that running the prompt for Fullscreen mode (Fullscreen/Borderless/Windowed) reverting works just fine, and it uses the exact same code.

Any help on this? I’d greatly appreciate it!