Revert Menu camera to FollowCamera in 3rd Person template

Hi guys!

I followed some tutorials on using a level as a menu background by creating a 3rd Person level, bringing in a new Camera, blah blah blah (working perfectly).

What I tried to do on my own was revert the process, moving the view back to the 3rd Person camera on a button press. Basically, press “Quick Match” and have the camera switch to the one attached to my character.

It’s not working. The camera goes to screwy angles. I assume my targets are messed up, and I know it’s probably a super noobish mistake. But I’m super noobish at this and am trying my best lol

I’ve tried referencing the FollowCamera directly but getting references to child components don’t seem to work well, and I might be doing them incorrectly. But the only one I got to actually connect was Player Character, and that gives me screwy angles.

Pic 1 is the code I’m using where I’m pretty sure my Targets are the problem. Picture 2 is the angle that pops up when I click Quick Match. And Pic 3 is the viewport image of the location of my camera, as well as the example angle.

Can anyone help me, pls?

Edit: When I go into my test Settings menu, and click back to the main menu, THEN press Quick Match, the camera is angled just fine. IDK WHATS GOING ON OMG IM GONNA DIE

How would I change the offset? And, just to clear things up, the 3rd image that shows the camera, ALSO shows the view that camera is supposed to have. When I go to play, the camera does NOT have that view. And the camera isn’t colliding with anything. Even if I move the character to an open area, the camera rotates weirdly. I’m using the ThirdPerson presets that come with UE4. So I haven’t actually touched the main camera at all.

Here are 2 more images, where I move my character to an open area, and the camera still comes to a strange angle.

I don’t actually SEE the camera do the behavior because it’s in game, so my view is FROM the camera. What I want is for the camera position to be exactly where I put it, right behind the character, slightly above. The angle seen in the viewport camera example, THAT’S the view I want.

The spring arm component isn’t moved in any way. The red line in the pictures is the component and it’s not running into anything. Here’s from another angle. All offsets are set to 0.

  1. I see no movement.
  2. I added a 2nd camera (a front camera, in the pictures I’m posting), and that one works perfectly (the picture facing my character).
  3. When I click on “Quick Match,” the camera is SUPPOSED to move to the FollowCamera attached to the 3rd person character (the back camera). As far as I can tell, this is where it gets wonky and has a weird angle.It just APPEARS at the wonky angle

The camera attached to the ThirdPersonCharacter is a component of that class. So I can’t find it as a direct reference. Apparently, there are ways to reference component parts, but they haven’t worked for me. That’s why I’m asking here if there’s another way to do this.

The Mouse Cursor is set to off because it is on during the menu (see the picture I just uploaded). I want it off when gameplay starts so that the mouse can be used to rotate the camera. If I leave it on, then I can’t turn the camera with the mouse, because it’s in cursor mode. The Remove From Parent node removes the previous menu. If I take the node off, the menu I linked in my last message would still be visible.

As for the Target node, I agree. But I can’t call the FollowCamera reference there. I’ve tried. It didn’t work. I can’t call the FollowCamera node from the UMG button blue print. If you know how to, that would be great, and it would probably solve my problem 100%. But because I can’t figure out how, I tried using Get Player Character, and that got me the weird camera angle. But it’s the only one that worked so far.

This is the message I get when I try to get the Camera component within my UI widget blue prints.