Revert back to parent dino/item on removal?

This may be a silly question as I may just be misunderstanding something, and I’ve looked all around the forums to try to find anything on it or how to do it but I couldn’t find anything on the topic. The question is, how do I make it so when I/users remove the mod, a modded dino reverts back to the unmodded version? Much like the “Classic Flyers” mod and various other mods that do this. Also, is this functionality possible with items? I modded and remapped the “Hazard Suit Helmet” from Aberration, but when I removed the mod the Item was removed from my characters inventory and it wasn’t reverted back to the unmodded version. Some additional information that may be helpful to figuring this out is that the blueprints for my modded version are all Child blueprints of the unmodded ones.

Thanks for the help!