Reversing Skelatal Mesh Automation Broken in 4.5

Sometime back in 4.1 or 4.2 I imported a simple automation of a garage door going up that I created in Blender. I made a copy of the animation sequence, set the Rate Scale to -1.0 and added “reverse” to the name. The Blueprint is set up so that when I begin overlap of the Box Component it plays the animation sequence. When I End Overlap it plays the reverse animation sequence. I seamed to do this by default from the current position of the door. In other words. If the door is part way up and I move out of the box the door starts to lower.

This has worked fine though several Engine builds. It now seems that in 4.5.1 this functionality no longer works. The door still goes up but when I move out of the box the door slams back to the original position.

Has there been a change to how this should works in 4.5?