Reverse side game

Junior 2
Moon program of the year 2023.
Many hard pieces of meteorites cause the loss of the pressure on the board of the shuttle. Because of that happened a huge explosion destroying the spaceship. Astronaut and the crewmember of Junior 2, Klimov, caused the emergency landing on the surface of the Moon. In 3 days, 18th of May, 2023, USA dropped their space mission due the danger of space showers. USA and Russia decided to use the second module of the Shuttle Lawrence to save the lost astronaut, Klimov.

Whether the main character is capable to overcome the fear, having remained absolutely one, in are far from the house, without chance of rescue?


wow this is so kool, keep up the awesome work, cant wait to see updates and the final product!

Thanks AzamKhan

Fantastic work so far xangs! I will be sure to keep an eye on this project as you progress. I love the main story line that is used in Reverse Side. Be sure to keep us updated as your game nears full completion.

Excellent news arrived literally 30 minutes ago. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) PlayStation platform (s).
I approved game porting on Playstation 4.




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Ok so what is the status of this game. I purchased from steam when it was first available and now your at your 11th release date change and are silent. What is going on? I understand that development is long arduous work but this needs to be removed from sale until you are sure your ready for early access, otherwise you come off as a vaporware money grab. I am not happy about your lack of any transparency and feel that you are giving indie developers a tarnished reputation. Please correct this. I am not asking for much and I am a patient person but seriously a post on the store page won’t kill you and can be a step in the right direction. After all you have already collectcollected money from consumers. Make it right or don’t make it at all.