Reverse Root Motion

saw the video on reverse root motion, where the capsule tells the animation which frame to play so there is no foot sliding etc.
can anyone explain how to implement it…:):):slight_smile:

The only way is not to use the default stuff.
there is a speed warp node that supposedly adjusts the gate of each step based on math speed.

Other then that, you just create animations that match the max speed of the character.
really you will only get Half speeds when using controllers, so you can force the controller input value to always be 1 like a keyboard and bypass the problem.
or you can try the speed warping node to adjust the gate / write your own IK bone system to adjust it.

The theory is you place the feet via LegIK node and manage the position of the IK bones to snap to by calculating the speed to gate ratio.

I guess you have the maximum speed and maximum gate where your animation is created for as the start point of the IK, and you move the front back and the back forward as speed decreases.
you can isolate which bone is where based on the root bone position to know if you have to add or subtract.
That’s actually something interesting to do in BP…