Reverse of branch node?


I remember watching some UE4 official video, but don’t remember which one it was, and a presenter was showcasing a blueprint flow control node that was basically an opposite of Branch node. It takes 2 execution input pins and outputs one execution pin and a bool which is derived from which one of the two input execution pins was triggered.

I know it’s trivial to make this macro myself, but if I remember correctly, the guy was showcasing it as a part of the engine, but I can’t find it anywhere. I don’t know if it was some plugin that’s off by default, or if it’s some toggle in preferences for some experimental blueprint nodes… or if my memory faults me and it was custom made and not shipped with engine.

So my question is if anyone by any chance remembers this. If there’s really such a node. Thanks in advance.

Is it the multigate node you are looking for?

I think you’re talking about a select or a switch?

select or switch.JPG](filedata/fetch?id=1812442&d=1600334231)
Or… yes… multigate…

Nope, I am talking about a node that literally looked like this on the right:

Screenshot 2020-09-17 124715.png
I know I saw it in one of Epic’s official videos quite a while ago. What I can’t recall is if I remember correctly that the guy said the node is somewhere in the engine. I know how to build it myself easily, but I’d still love if it was already present, because if I relied on it a lot, I’d like to avoid constantly having to either make it from scratch for every new project, or having to migrate macro library from some older project.

That would be the select node I showed above, but with a bool plugged in.

How? That doesn’t make any sense. The select node takes the bool as an input, it doesn’t output it. And the select arguments are data, not execution.

Ok, then I have absolutely no idea…

I don’t know exactly where to find it, but I will say that the Reverse Branch node is definitely a Macro (indicated by the symbol on the top left corner).

Are you sure the video stated it was already implemented? Maybe it was a custom Macro they had created.

I know it’s a Macro, that’s because I’ve created that screenshot myself for the illustration. And that’s the point for creating this thread - I am 100% sure that i saw it in one of official videos on Unreal Engine youtube channel, and I am about 50% sure they said it’s a part of the engine. So I crated the thread to ask if someone knows about it.

The macro is actually trivial to make:

And it’s quite useful to make certain blueprints cleaner. For example replacing this:
With this:

The reason I am asking here is to see if anyone perhaps remembers the video and remembers if it’s part of the engine. And the reason I bother with that is as as stated above: