Reverse Normals On Model?

The title says it all pretty much. Is there a way for me to reverse the normals of my models in UE4? The reason I would like to do is because I have used planes to model the base of my level. Some models I need to reverse the normals of for example when I duplicate an inner wall and want it to keep the same shape as an outer wall. Rather than exporting the same model twice but with the normals flipped I would like to know if can be done in UE4.

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In the mesh editor you can turn on “double sided geometry”.

Unfortunately doesn’t work for me :frowning:

When I tick it in the model editor and place my model back into the scene it still isn’t double sided

If you re-import the model, you can check box and it will flip the normal applied to it. :slight_smile: (see attached)

Also if you double click on the texture, there is an option to flip the green channel, that may also be worth trying.

Cool thanks for the info . I am looking to flip the normals of the model though, not the normal map :frowning:

Doh! Sorry about that.

In that case do what HaxO said (turn on double sided geometry), but also open up the material applied to it and check “Two Sided” as well, build/save the material, and you should then get an image on both sides.

Hope that is more helpful… Is double sided what you are looking for or just completely flipping it? If you want that (and rotating the mesh is not an option) you will need to edit the model in a 3d program unfortunately. :slight_smile:

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Sweet thanks man I think HaxO forgot to mention the double sided option in the material as well. That’s great cheers for the information guys :smiley:



To avoid the extra overhead of using double-sided geometry, I would recommend exporting / importing 2 versions of each piece of geometry. should be relatively painless in the modelling software.

Yeah I thought of doing it that way but wondered if it was possible in UE4 without exporting the model twice. I have taken a different approach now and I have added some thickness rather than using planes as the walls will have doorways and windows. Thanks for the replies though! XD

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is a three year old thread…and that’s not what they were talking about