Reverse controls when camera follows player in box trigger


I’m looking for some help on how to reverse keyboard controls when in side a triggerbox. I have created a cctv camera that will activate and follow the player once inside the trigger volume. When i do this, WASD controls still act like normal and is confusing. Can someone please let me know how i can reverse this while inside this specific trigger volume? Thanks

Add a scalar called something. This scalar is a float or an int. Then, everywhere you handle input you multiply it with this scalar. Then, to reverse the controls, just flip the scalar value between 1 and -1.


Hi, Thanks for the reply but i didn’t really understand sorry. Im still new to ue4, doing this for uni so a little inexperienced. How would i add a scalar and what would i attach it to? I have the camera attached to set view target with blend, get player controller, get all actors of class and a for each loop. thanks

First and foremost, show me some code. How are you handling your inputs? Usually you do something with the keybindings in the player controller. Show me what you have done if you want more specific directions.

Hi Johnboyl1988l,

Create a “ReverseMovement” function inside of the player blueprint that toggles a “Reversed” variable. Execute this function when the player enters or exits a collider.

In your player movement functionality, add some logic that reverses the axis value when the “Reversed” boolean is set to true.

I hope that helps. Let me know if I need to clarify anything further.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the reply and the screen grab. This looks like it will help, I will try as soon as i can and let you know.


No problem! Let me know if it does the trick.