Reverse Animation

Its possible reverse the animation or i must do two animations for a character example sit on chair.


Hi Knack,

Not sure which kind of animation you’re talking about, but you should be able to set the PlayRate on an animation player node in the anim graph to -1 to get it to play in reverse, or fire the Reverse or ReverseFromEnd input to a Timeline node to get that to play in reverse.

Michael Noland

that it. -1 playrate thx.

How did you go about setting playrate to -1? i’ve used the “set play rate” but nothing happens, can you please show how you hooked it up, what nodes you used? been trying this for weeks and still no solution. cheers

In the state that you’re trying to change the play rate for you need to click the animation you are linking to the final animation pose, and then in the details make sure (as pin)Play Rate is checked. Then you just need to get the play rate you want set from the character and link it into the pin.

Hi, Im trying to reverse a shot in the sequencer… not sure how to go about it… I went into my level sequence and selected the shot, right click and go to properties and tried changing the time scale to -1 and then play with the start frame offset, see if the animation was happening, but nothing happens… any idea on how to achieve this?

Hey! Late to the party, but I needed to reverse a shot in the sequencer and this worked for me:

Not sure if you’re trying to only change one animation, but hopefully this helps.