Reverse a multigate

Is there any way to make a multigate work in reverse based on the execution? I want to make a button that triggers the multigate from 1 to 4 and then a button to make it reverse (4 to 1). The biggest issue is keeping track of the current out so that either buttons can be pressed.

If there is no way, is there a good workaround?

Use a switch on Int/enum/branch that leads to 2 multi-gates, then reverse the order of the second gate.

But how would you want the Multigate to start at a specific spot then? because for example, if the player was on number 2 ascending on the gate and switched the direction of order, how would the multigate know to switch at 2 and descend?

You can use a variable and a branch to determine what spot it would start in. I was originally using this for a gamepad controlled menu. Is that what you wanted? I was thinking of making a tutorial for it since I figured it out in a better way and no one else has seemed to tackle this subject at all.

so basically kind of using a “CurrentIndex” int dictating where the “Start Index” int is going to be on the multigates? :confused: and yes a gamepad controlled menu is what I’m aiming for too Dx

Actually a tutorial on this would be super useful :)!!