I’ve released a video on using Reverb in UE4.

Reverb is the echo you get when you drop something in a large room; it’s the prolonged shout in a cave, the flatness of a scream in a padded cell…

I break down all the parameters of the Reverb asset, interpreting each of the tooltips and showing you how to use them to create different Reverb effects.

I show you how I tweak reverb to get the sound I’m after - and what I’m paying attention to when I’m making those decisions.

Also included is a demo map for different spaces: city, huge hall, corridor, hallway, sewer, cube room, desert, and more. I love using demo maps because you get to play around with the assets, without having to put the hours in to reproduce them.

Enjoy - and let me know what you think!


Hi everyone,

As requested, here are all of the parameters for the reverbs used in the video.

This is really interesting! I’ll dig into this more soon for sure. I’m very interested in game audio.

@jackhalfaprayer - cool! :cool: I have a few YouTube tutorials up now on audio and sound design in UE4 and am adding more. If there’s anything you’d like to know more about just ask :slight_smile: