Reverb disabled on Mac 4.13.1?

Using a 4.13.1 on a Mac and trying to get any sort of reverb functioning. Everything should be working, and I confirmed that, glitchy as it may be, it works on 4.12.5

Has reverb been disabled on the Mac version of 4.13.1? Can anyone confirm or deny it’s function? Workarounds?

Has anyone had a chance to test or confirm this?

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Yes, it was disabled.

You can re-enable if you want:





It was turned off because our reverb implementation on Mac creates a reverb instance per source (which is extremely expensive!). It should be set by an engine .ini file instead of hard-coded. The new audio mixer I’m developing will hopefully be implemented soon for CoreAudio and up-coming engine versions should have proper reverb on Mac.

Would I add this to an existing .ini within the project? I can’t seem to locate it in an .ini within the project, but did locate it in a .h file (screenshot attached).

I changed the core audio reverb to 1 from 0 as shown and my projects reverbs still do not work. Is there something else you have to do to get reverbs working?