Revenue calculation

Hello Everyone,

I am quite new to UE and this forum , I apologize in advance for posting in the wrong thread…
I have couple of questions:

  1. I am not working in gaming industry so my requirements are different. I am planning to experiment in UE in creating Product configurators.
    Can I install UE in my office system and make use of Engine in creating sample projects which will not be sold or used for monetary gains

  2. Second question is if I am creating single ‘Product configurator’ for single client and If I charge him 3000$ for the same (one time)
    A. Should I pay royalty of 5% .
    B. If “Client” shares the same configurator to his customer’s’ (more than 1) Will I be charged based on my ‘‘Client’’ revenue??


If the client is the end-user, in that you made a product and are selling it to customers (like you would a game) then you would owe royalties.
If you are a contractor and the client pays you to make the configurator for them, then you do not owe royalties.
If the client pays you to make the configurator, and they decide to sell it to others, then the client would owe royalties.

Thanks for the response darthviper107, now it is bit clear for me. But lets say I make “Product Configurator” of cycle(which is his product) and while selling
his cycle if he gives this configurator as freebie in USB or CD!! then client would owe royalties for each customer?

I guess the second point what you mentioned holds good for my question above?

If he’s giving it for free then there would be no royalties.