Revelation game concept

I was deciding whether or not to share my idea regarding my game project but I’ve mulled it over for a few days and judging the community on these forums I feel any feedback would be constructive and thus it can only be a good thing. I’m not saying a release date or x, y, z has been done. This project is in the very very early stages. My concern is the argument that ww2 fps is done and dead seems to be a common theme I come across whereas this is where my passion lies and thus where I’m happy to put a few years of my life.

Anyway the concept is a ww2 fps, primarily single player with a mission style similar to Medal of Honor underground, more stealth & less hung-ho but with that option. So what makes this idea unique? Well let’s start with I refuse to include a beach - ok not that big of a difference, now the second part is you play a character in the hitler youth through to the ss, then into the resistance - bigger shift. Now for the biggest difference… you will not encounter a single allied soldier - the entire game will be based around the ss and French resistance. I want to explore the character arch and introduce a lot of story into it shedding some light on those children of the hitler youth and there growth from essentially Boy Scouts to brutal soldiers.

I figure this concept will have some controversy because I don’t intend to show the hitler youth as entirely evil or angels either I would like a human touch.

Anyway I would appreciate any feedback you can offer on the concept, granted I’ve provided limited information - happy to answer any questions within reason.

I like the concept. Maybe mix the combat with some entirely non combat sequences. Otherwise it could end up like any other stealth shooter with just different texts between the missions.

What will make or break it is execution. Do you got the skills/time/team/money/whatever to do it properly?

Infiltrate the Resistance or mix the combat with some kind of espionage.
(Curious to know if this is what Spyjinx gameplay will actually be about)

My plan was for the SS missions to be more brunt force assaults and the resistance ones to be stealth so hopefully can get the right balance.

As for skills, time. Well I have no deadline for the project and I’ll finish my uni next year so plenty of time to learn additional tools, no intention of forming a team but not opposed to it but wouldn’t want to go down that route until I’m much further along - why ask people to commit to my idea over there’s unless I can guarantee a completed product. Money not so much but I can always find a few £ if it’s essential to the project most likely for a character modeller as that’s outside my ability for now but might hold off and see