Revealing a UMG widget with a mask

Hey guys,

I’d like to create a UMG widget of 4 buttons and the whole thing will be revealed by a png sequence of an ink animation. Something like this: Five Ink Bleeds Series Five Ink Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 10728854 | Shutterstock

I also wanted to create something like that on the hovering of the individual buttons.

I created the widget and the png sequence but no clue on how to actually make the thing. How would you guys approach that? What should I study/search in order to get this done?

Thank you for any help in advance,



You would need to use a flipbook material node to cerate your animation and expose the animation phase as a parameter
Feed the animation to the translucent input of your widget material.
In your widget BP, create a dynamic material instance and some function/logic that drives the animation phase.


So, I created the animation using the FlipBook node and added the material to my widget. However, the material is in loop mode. Any ideas on how to play it only once?