[Rev-Share] Unreal Programmer for Fantasy RPG

What The Project Is:

It’s a story driven first person Fantasy action-adventure role-playing game that you will par take on many adventures behind the main story battling unique monsters and exploring the vast world of the game.

What we’re looking for:

  • Craft fine combat & movement systems
  • Someone with vast experience with creating dynamic ai systems
  • Someone who can handle in game physics
  • Create weather systems & authentic day n night cycles
  • Efficient communication back and forth

The Plan: to create a playable demo of the world.

Contact: email me at

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Love RPGs. Especially the First Person Fantasy Action-Adventure with Monsters Type :slight_smile: My primary skillset are in Blueprints, secondary skillset is 3D Primitive Kitbash. Sounds like my sort of RPG, but, have a few questions:

  1. Is there any Multiplayer?
  2. How will the game be Monetized?
  3. Art Styles to be used? (Photorealism, Stylized, Voxels, etc)
  4. Any opposition to utilizing Marketplace Code/Media?
  5. Do you have Planner, Design Doc, Source Control setup?
  6. What skillsets do you bring to the table?

Lets discuss further here or discord. Thank you in advance.