[Rev-Share] Team for a story driven 2D platformer inspired by Spyro, Ori & the Blind Forest and Hollow Knight

Hi there!
I’m looking for team mates for all positions to build a 2D Platformer based on Royalties.

  • We are not paid during development (Before commercialization)
  • Each member has their copyright on the content they created within the game.
  • The content created by members will be analyzed and validated as a percentage of the commercialized game and their share of profits.

You play as WanLu a fire breathing dragon with different abilities not only limited to fire, including flying, Wing attacks etc

I have many ideas for the game for every category/sections and always having more. I have an idea for the main story which inlcudes WanLu being separated by her friends by an evil Wizard who you have to find along the game to fight at the end

Looking for the following:
2D Programmers/Coders
2D Background/Environmental Artist
2D Level Designer
2D Character Artist/Animator

Below are concept images for what i have in mind

Discord: Itty bitty kitty committee#6777

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Bump. Found a Sound Designer

Looking mainly for these right now