[Rev Share/Paid] Looking for 3D Modelers/Artists to create assets from characters to weapons

I’ve been working on a videogame in Unreal Engine 4 for a bit now, and I’m close to finishing all the systems/coding. The game is an old school classic FPS similar to Doom in that it includes fast character movement, no ADS, and ridiculous amounts of enemies being thrown at the player at once. Over the next few weeks, I’m gonna be looking to build a team of artists to help me replace my placeholder art. If you have any experience in 3D Modeling with programs such as Blender or ZBrush, etc. and would like to work on something cool that’s offering a graciously high revenue share, then hit me up! There’s no pressure with this project, I understand quality takes time and people have lives. That’s why this is a completely open ended project. You work on what you wanna work on whenever you’d like. This system allows you to get more back in revenue share for the more work you put in. I understand that 3D modeling is the most time intensive process of game development, and I do not take that lightly. As someone who has never been a great artist myself, I recognize the dedication it will take for someone to wanna work on something like this with me and I guarantee that you will be shown the correct appreciation. Not only will you receive your revenue share, but this can be a great project to add to your portfolio whether you are seeking a career in games, or even architecture. And if your role becomes essential to the process, whether you are the lead artist, or art director, then payments separate from the rev share can be discussed. Thank you and I hope to hear from lots of talented artists!

Game Design/Story:
The story begins in the year 2036 when Earth is invaded by alter-dimensional creatures looking to escape their dying realm. When their government ignores their pleas for help in favor of funneling more money into their decades long civil war, (an allegory on the US government’s indifference to climate change yet war mongering ways) these beings invade Earth’s realm in search of a precious resource that could save their race. Unfortunately, this involves the extinction of the human race and the corruption of the main character. At only 6 years old, these beings implant you with their power, knowing it will grant you near immortality and then brainwash you into traveling back to their dimension and act as a negotiating factor in getting the government to stop the war and hear the cries of the people. Seeing as you are a badass however, you spend the next 22 years from the age of 6-28 killing their entire species, eventually breaking free of their brainwash and returning to a now unrecognizable Earth. The beginning of the game is the player learning the controls while finishing off the rest of the species that destroyed humanity, however all of these revelations will take place over the course of several flashbacks in the main storyline and the player will have no clue what is happening in the beginning or that they are even on Earth. The successful transportation to another dimension and eradication of an entire species completed by the main character sends ripples throughout the dimensions and planes of existence where beings and their leaders are now afraid. Afraid of a being who can hop dimensions and kill everything. And now they are going to strike you first in order to deny you the opportunity to do so against them. The basic premise for the game will be your character being pulled into crazy looking dimensions battling terrifyingly demonic beasts over a simple 6 hour-ish campaign.

Hey saw ur post. I correctly excel in 3D modeling although I can do characters they arnt easy for me to make. I Excel at weapons , planes pretty much anything that’s no an organic item. but id definitly would be down to join you. if you want proof of my work I can easily show you.

interesting story . Exactly Doomguy of some sort huh. i’m interested .

Thanks for the quick response! Glad to hear you’re interested! Hit me up on my discord and we can talk more: rtxZen#5755

Thanks a lot! Yeah, to give you a feel for the game, if Doom is the heavy metal version of video games, then this game is gonna be the heavy dubstep version with some ethereal elements. :slight_smile:
But yeah, go ahead and add me on discord and we can talk more: rtxZen#5755

added you in discord .CursedLorkan#4199