[REV SHARE] Looking for Writers

First of all, I would like to thank you for opening this and showing interest.

To keep things short and brief. I am looking to put together a foundation for a game I intend of creating in the near future. I am looking for writers to bounce off and help me put this story together.

To give you some ideas on the themes of writing. I intend on this being a Post Apocalyptic single-player experience. The scale and scope of this will be determined in the future. I will be taking inspiration from titles like Fallout, Wasteland, Metro, MadMax, and others.

The specific setting is not yet confirmed. I’m looking for some people interested in being a part of a passion project in the long term. In the future, we’ll be looking for more developmental individuals to assist with development. I really look forward to hearing from you all.

If you’re interested in being a part of this project. Please follow the provided format.

In order to keep things organized and in an attempt to make this as easy as possible for me. Please send an Email to the following address with the provided template filled out.


Discord ID:
What is your strongest area of writing?
What is your weakest area of writing?
Links to some examples of your pieces:
About you:
What interests you about a Post-apocalyptic setting?
Favorite Post-apocalyptic setting/novel/game:

**Please note, this template is just to break the initial ice and let me get to know a little bit about you before bringing you in on the project. ** I hope to hear from you. This is by no means a vision to create the next groundbreaking title to take the world by storm. It’s simply a passion project and learning experience. Also to be able to create a game that we will enjoy playing.

Hey guys,

Thank you for everyone who’s shown interest thus far. We’re still looking for writers. I have the main story down. Just clipping some things here and there. Writing out the history for this story. Looking for Quest writers, Lore history writers, and Narrative writers. Refer to the main post for the application template.

Kind regards everyone.

[BUMP] as we’re still looking. Making some good progress on the story too.

[BUMP] more or less the last call for content writers, Including Narrative, Historic and gameplay writers.