[Rev-Share] Looking For Members For FPS Horror

What Is This Game About?:

The game is called “The Standing” And is similar to Resident Evil Biohazard And Outlast, I have been speaking with some horror devs who know how to scare a player, not just jumpscares, but atmospheres, horror build ups and then nothing happens, extreme silence, I have done ALOT of research on horror,


After a deadly virus plunges the world into chaos killing 85% of the human population there are now what they call “zones” these zones are watched very closely by the surviving government, people are checked every day for the virus, even if you touch the spit or any human waste or fluids of the victim who is infected, you will die. But one day, people in the west zone start to go missing, 1 woman goes outside the walls to uncover the mystery, is there more to the virus than meets the eye?, That is where your story starts.

My Role:

I’m the game designer/lead/Director, I will be managing the project along the way, this project isn’t that big imo however i will make sure it’s a awesome experience! Hopefully you will stick around afterwards,

What We Need And Requirements:

At the moment it’s a really small team, however that’s why I’m on here! To grow the team! So heres some people we need!

  • Unreal Engine Programmers (Must Know C++)

  • 3D Modellers (Organic And Hard surface)

  • Animators

  • Other (Please Specify When Contacting Me)

It would be even more helpful if you show your portfolio.

If interested email [EMAIL=“”]