[Rev Share] Looking for 3D Modeler/Game Developer/Music Composer

Greetings friends! My name is Joseph and I’m part of an enthusiastic team on a mission to bring the community a great survival horror game! Our team consists of a Audio Tech, Concept Artist/3D Modeler, and Web Developer. We are looking for a dedicated 3D Modeler, Game Developer, and Music Composer to join our ranks! Our endgame is to have this distributed through platforms such as steam/XBOX/PS4. So we would like to offer to share the revenue earned as compensation! (But if you would like to be paid per milestone that’s cool too, I’d be more than willing to set something up)

Game Description

Our game is a first person survival horror that is set in a dystopian sci-fi universe. There will be aliens, big robots, and last but not least ZOMBIES! But seriously, it’s going to be a multiplayer game for up to 10 players. Players will be assigned to either be a survivor or an alien then we casually throw them in all in a box and let 'em hash it out! We want to give the game a bullet storm, hack & slash, and tag feel to it.


Our team is an after hours team. We dedicate at least 30 hours a week after coming back home from work. But… we have written all of the content necessary for the game (story, character bios, etc), have a decent amount of voice acting, sound fx, and a decent collection of character art. We are currently in the process of creating 3d models for the characters and finishing up the remainder of the characters.

What we’re looking for

We definitely need someone with the skills to put some pizzazz in the game. Because this is a horror sci-fi game with aliens and robots, we do want our aliens to look realistic and scary while our robots look sleek and high tech, so maybe not too much pizzazz. This is where the modeler shines, he/she will be working closely with our concept artist to bring to life some crazy creatures we have for this game! Next, we want to do justice to our game. There are over 30 playable classes in this FPS all of which are unique! We are looking for a dedicated programmer that has experience to bring this to life. Luckily all three of us have some experience in C++ so we can assist along the way. Lastly, as for our Audio Composer, we need epic music for our survival horror. Just imagine how terrible a scary movie would be without good music to accompany it. Right… it’d be terrible.


We are obsessed with gaming. So if you’re experienced and you’re a fanatic for games like we are, then I strongly suggest you send me a PM over Skype (joecai20)! I look forward to working with you!