[REV SHARE] Indie team looking for someone who can create terrain/landscapes

We’re a hobby team of 8 (mostly students) creating an open world RPG together to learn Unreal (and maybe make some money too!). We have a big world that’s roughly based on a post-apocolyptic version of earth (obviously not to scale + half of the land is gone or inaccessible) and need someone who knows their way around level creation who can design and/or create the landscapes that the world ‘sits’ on (we have someone doing both right now and want to split up the work to speed things up). We use streaming volumes to then load/unload the rest of the content for smaller plots of the terrains you create.

So you’ll decide how part of the actual earth would look after natural chaos (broken dams, woods/towns underwater, errosion, etc), map them out (doesn’t have to be super detailed, as our concept artist can make it look ‘pretty’ afterwards), get some reference images (or draw your own if you want) so we know what you are aiming for in terms of style, then create that bit of map in Unreal to reflect the post-chaos version of that area. The terrain still needs to be vaguely recognisible in well known areas (Grand Canyon, London, New York, Everest, etc), but otherwise you’ll have a lot of creative licence.

We have modellers/artists to help create the rest of the level details (plus a big library of pre-made content), but if you want to get involved in that side too then that’s cool. Additional skills are always a bonus!

Hey, do you guys have a Discord or something that I can join to talk with you guys? My discord is Savage#0666 if you want to add me.

How does one apply to such a project?

Hi! Sorry - I posted on a few sites and wasn’t expecting so many responses! Taken me a whle to get through them all!

My Discord is Brit#2177 for anyone who wants to get involved or fire questions at me about the project! :slight_smile: