[REV-SHARE] Creating a language-teaching game-tool for private teachers

Hi, my name is Larpushka. I’ve been working on all sorts of creative ways to make language-learning fun online using existing games. I believe existing multiplayer games aren’t good enough as language-teaching tools for teachers, they’re often either too complicated or just too action-driven; in other words, they’re not designed with language-teaching in mind. I’d like to make a game based on interaction that language-teachers from around the world can use and even host their own servers with.

If you want to see me trying to teach with a game not intended for language-teaching, you can see my attempt to use a military simulation game Arma 3 for language teaching here

At the end of the video I come to the conclusion that you need a game tailored-made for it, I truly believe in the potential of it. So, now I’m thinking, why not create it myself? Of course, I learned it’s easier to not just work alone, you need a solid team to get a truly grand vision done. Essentially would love anyone with UE skills to write me up so a solid team can be assembled. The core need is for a UE tech lead.

The idea is creating a multiplayer sandbox-like game specifically designed so that a teacher will have plenty of tools to interact with the student/s and gradually, in newer versions, giving the teacher more and more such tools.

Contact me at Larpushka#0129 on discord.